Screenprinting Workshop -Private class, full day or large group


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One-on-one or get a group together. This is a 6hr class for small groups (up to 4 people) or a 3hr class for large groups (up to 8 people).
Choose either the ‘Intro to screen printing’ class covering all of the basics of DIY screenprinting, techniques including; stencil production, screen coating, screen exposure,
or customise the workshop to explore areas that you specifically want to focus on e.g. setting up multicolour t-shirt prints, fabric yardage, editioning paper prints etc.
Choose a date and time that suits you or your group, weekend, weekday or weeknight. Participants will be able to screen print their own original screenprint during the workshop.
This workshop can be tailored to suit a large group or can alternatively be a personalised one on one class.
All materials are included.
* We will do our best to meet your preferred date: weekday, weeknight or weekend. Please contact us to confirm the time and date.